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It is that time of the year when you realize you need to move to a new house. Whatever your reason may be, but you are sure to wonder where would that kind of money come from. Also, if you are nearing bankruptcy, it is another dilemma. A Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyer can help you in filing a bankruptcy case. Cincinnati bankruptcy lawyers excel in providing the best of terms and conditions to you, with all the ease. However, if you have to buy a house, you must be looking for a FHA loan. The organization of Federal Housing Administration provides several opportunities to own a house.

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FHA loans are usually the mortgages that are obtained from FHA to make your home buying easier by making you eligible for a mortgage. The FHA takes the responsibility to pay if the borrower defaults. This makes the lender give you large mortgage loans. All you have to do is pay a small down payment (as low as 3%) and you can have your ticket to your new home. However, this is no piece of cake. Even though it is open for people of all incomes, with no wage boundaries, the loan depends on how much you can borrow. This is limited to the relative home prices in your neighborhood. Secondly, you also have to have a nice credit, which is not supposed to be very huge, but decent. The debt to income ratio that you require is at least 29/41. Only then you are eligible for a FHA loan.

There are many ways why FHA loans prove to be so beneficial for people. First and foremost it is the low down payment as compared to other loans. You can start from as low as 3-3.5%. Secondly, the FHA agrees totally if you are paying the down payment through some city funded down payment program, a gift or a charitable organization. There is a less charge on you if you take a FHA loan. This is because it charges you low interest rates. Also they give you a lenient consideration in hard financial times.

However, you must also save yourself from pitfalls of a FHA loan. Whereas some may benefit from it, it may not be quite preferable for others. Because FHA loans do not offer you very high limits, you cannot get more money than you might need for buying your dream house. The FHA loan would only be granted to you according to your locality depending on the comparative prices around your area. Secondly, you cannot escape the private mortgage insurance (PMI), also you will have to pay a 1.5% upfront and 0.5% annually to be paid on monthly basis. It is necessary for you to pay this payment for 5 years. FHA loans also have a limited variety to give to you. You may not be able to find a variety of loans such as option ARMs.

Buying a home may not be easy if you are new to all the buying and selling. The world is full of frauds; just be a tough person to be tricked easily. It is not easy to make such large expenses in hard times like these, just remember the old cliché of thinking before you leap. Look through all options, satisfy yourself and then make a decision.

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